Very awkward moment on TV when participants of a home makeover program find their home ugly

Poor people...

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We all have seen on TV a show of decoration and each time, it ends the same way.

The host shows the house to the owners to present the new decorations and usually, the owners are in love in front of every little novelty.

Of couse, it happens sometimes that the owners seem a bit skeptical with certain elements, but overall, they are always rather satisfied.

But nature is cruel and literally respects certain rules of destiny, there is always the exception that proves the rule.

So the crew of the TV show "Your home in their hands", broadcasted on the BBC One, has had the misfortune to be the famous exception.

The host presents the house to the owners, but as you will see, the result doesn't please them.

They are not even happy.

They are simply not satisfied!

Now, take a good look at this scene, this is awkward: