Visit this slice of paradise selling for $15 million

Life on a private island, what would you say?

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A heavenly location

Have you ever dreamed of living on a private island? To have no neighbors, to enjoy beautiful summer days and swim in the sea?

The owner of this island is very lucky but wants to sell his little slice of heaven on earth.

If you're lucky enough to have an extra $15 million (wink wink) just kicking around, here's your chance to become the owner of this piece of paradise!

Right next to Marathon is East Sister Rock Island (in the Florida Keys), a one-hectare sand mound that sits on the real-estate market at an exorbitant price. In addition to its off-grid location, the island is fully autonomous, fully powered by wind and sun.

We invite you to discover what this $15 million property looks like. Just looking at the pictures won't cost you a thing!

What a view!

It's impossible to talk about this sweet little slice of heaven without mentioning the incredible view that is offers the residents of the island. Let your gaze get lost on the horizon!


One cannot, either, talk about this property without mentioning the pool, the patio and the landscaping. Are you picturing yourself relaxing on one of these chairs while admiring this beautiful sunset? I am!

Exterior, continued...

There's never too many pictures to show of the exterior!


The interior of the house offers beautiful finishes without being too ostentatious and opulent. The kitchen is large, without being huge. The lunch counter is perfect to add extra seating.

Dining room

As expected, the kitchen shares an open area with the dining room. See how the view takes an important place in this house! You will notice that the decor of this house is sober; why hide such a beautiful view with glitzy decor?

Living room

The house has a beautiful fireplace that sits in the center of the house. The living room also benefits from a superb view!


This house offers several places to relax while looking out over the sea. If I lived in this residence, I think I would spend 90% of my time outside!


This unique property has 3 bedrooms, all of which have superb views of the water. The property even has a small adjacent cottage for guests!

Other rooms

We imagine waking up to the sound of waves crashing!


This $15 million property has 2 full bathrooms, not to mention the one in the adjacent cottage!

Other photos

Enjoy unparalleled tranquility and seclusion in this very private place. Open water views extend for kilometers. This property has a main house decorated with simplicity with a large open area of 2,300 m², including 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. This residence offers magnificent views. This private island house features vaulted ceilings and a 2,800 m² covered terrace, a seawater moat, a beautiful swimming pool and a solarium. Do you have a small extra $15 million sitting around? What a paradise!