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Warning! If you see this bug in your home, it could cost you a lot of money…

Meet the silverfish.

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Do you know the silverfish, a small insect that resembles a fish? The creature is not dangerous to your health. But it can be for your bank account if it decides to squat in your home….

If we do not control this pest in our walls, we risk having problems, according to the Daily Mail.

This parasite is nocturnal and has the same habits as the cockroach.

To survive, the animal needs a humidity level higher than 75%. If there is water, the silverfish can live for a year or more without eating.

They are generally found in bathrooms, garages, laundry rooms, cabinets, or kitchens.

It is therefore deduced that finding them in a place means that there is a good humidity presence. This means that it is better to inspect the house quickly.

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Because persistent humidity can cause brick cracking, plaster decomposition, and spore and mold growth.

Several causes can cause too much humidity in a residence. For example, a plumbing problem, a leaky roof, inadequate ventilation, etc. The presence of this silver insect at least gives the alert, and it is important to look for sources of humidity and correct the situation.

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