We all want to leave in this little cottage!

A visit and you will be charmed!

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We all want to leave in this little cottage!

This cottage is really beautiful!

There is something about this lovely beach house that is absolutely irresistible, don't you think? The shingled siding, nautical decor, and windows that open up to let in the sound of crashing waves, what more could you ask for?

This beach house is located in a seaside village called Seabrook, Washington.

For the pleasure of the eyes, to make us dream a little bit, to be inspired by the beautiful decoration, here are the photos of the interior. You too will imagine yourself in this house!

Good visit!

A cottage of 526 square feet

With just 526 square feet, this beach house, located in the charming coastal town of Seabrook, Washington, impresses us. The outside of the home features the classic wood-shingled siding, a small wooden gate for backyard access where you can relax and watch the people.

Open area

On the main floor of the house, there is the open area which includes the living room, the dining room, the bedroom and the kitchen. There is also on the same floor, one of the two bedrooms of the house, as well as the bathroom. An additional bedroom is located in the loft.

Living room

The walls of the beach house have been painted in white to help give the illusion of more space in the little house. However, there are touches of color and bold patterns with furniture and decoration.


From this angle, you can also have a glimpse of the kitchen, the hallway, the dining room and the sleeping loft. The loft is open to the rest of the house with a guardail reminiscent of a white picket fence.

Blue kitchen!

Just because the kitchen is part of a small house does not mean it had to sacrifice luxury or amenities. The tiny kitchen has stone countertops, a standard stove, a dishwasher, a microwave and a refrigerator; everything you need to cook delicious meals!


Unlike other parts of the house that have wood floors, the master bedroom has luxurious carpeting. The bedroom provides plenty of space with a king size bed and two bedside tables. There is also a closet for storage located in front of the bed, out of camera's view.


As you can see, the luxurious elements have been saved for other parts of the house, while the bathroom amenities have been kept simple and to a minimum. If you are at the beach, you will not spend all your time in this room, right? There is a large shower, a toilet and a sink with vanity.

Sleeping loft 

The vaulted ceilings of the sleeping loft provide a height tall enough to fully stand upright, which is not usually the case in loft. You will also find upstairs a small balcony where you can have a cup of coffee and admire the view of the small coastal town.

Isn't it a pretty beach house? I would like a house like this, don't you?