We keep too many objects and they need to be replaced regularly in the house. Discover them here.

I am quite surprised by the content of this long list! And you?

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We all know that food has an end because it is rotting or because the expiry date is written on the packaging.

Many items and foods do not have an expiry date written or even known to most people, but they should be discarded.

Pillows: they should be replaced every 2 years at least.

Sponges: dishwasher sponges and shower sponges are full of germs and molds! Unless they are washed in boiling water regularly, they should be discarded after 2 weeks of use.

Towels: No, do not wait until the towels look like rags to replace them. Towels exposed to moisture should be discarded after 3 years because washing is not enough to completely eliminate the growth of bacteria.

Toothbrush: it should be replaced every 3 months or even before if we were sick!

Hair brush: it should be thoroughly cleaned every week and thrown awayyear of use.

Fragrance: they should be discarded 2 years after their opening. Same for toilet waters.

Pacifier: the latex that composes the pacifier tears easily and to avoid any choking, the pacifiers should be replaced every 5-6 weeks maximum.

Bra: a bra should be replaced after 1 or 2 years or as soon as it loses its elasticity, becomes too big or too small ...

Sneakers: If you use your sneakers as part of a regular and intense activity, you should replace them every year. The shoes lose their padding and support after many kilometers, you could get hurt. 

Fire extinguisher: you should replace your fire extinguisher after a maximum of 15 years.