Weird Home: A “tiny house” but heavyweight version!

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Published 2 years ago
Weird Home:  A “tiny house” but heavyweight version!
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A couple from Switzerland converted an old Swiss army vehicle into a "tiny house" and decided to make a forest in Sweden their new home. The couple live in their atypical tiny house which weighs 15 tonnes.  

Maige Baeriswyl, a 26-year-old Swiss woman, and her partner, Morgan Pham, 32 had the same dream: they wanted independence, mobility and freedom. Living in a small apartment in a big city was far from their dream life!

"I have dreamed for a long time of living in a 'tiny house' and of owning only the essentials," explained the woman to the Swiss magazine  L’illustré, "But I also have a great need for travel, new landscapes, wild nature ".

The couple acquired a 1985 Saurer 6DM, which was designed as a cabin for troops specializing in chemical weapons defense. The previous owner of this vehicle had already fitted out the interior. But the couple chose to modify everything in order to optimize the space. They also took their two dogs, Guss and Tyson, on their new adventure.

However, they had a lot of work to do as many modifications were essential, in order to live a "comfortable" life. This includes insulation, solar panels, a shower or an air purifier. The challenge was real, but Morgan, a former motorcycle mechanic at KTM, was very comfortable with that kind of work. Having worked as a heating engineer in the past, he was familiar with the tasks to accomplish. 

“We were able to be helped by our families for material support, to carry heavy things. Otherwise, it's usually me helping everyone rather than the other way around, ”Morgan explains.

This project's second stage is to be able to move! Indeed, the couple acquired a forest area of 4 acre in Sweden, 200 kilometers away from the capital, Stockholm. A space where it is possible to hunt and fish. Life in self-sufficiency in the Swedish forest does not scare this couple who do not want to have children. 

You can also follow the adventures of this couple on YouTube  on their channel Maige & Morgan.

What do you think of this weird house? Would you like to live in a tiny house?

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