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What would replace red wine and white wine in a recipe?

All these substitutes are alcohol free!

Tips and Crafts

Whether it is by choice or because you do not have it, it is practical to know how to replace white wine and red wine in a recipe. And these choices are alcohol-free!

What you can use to replace red wine:

Red wine vinegar: it is perfect to deglaze a pan or a rotisserie, because the acidity contained in the vinegar will be the same as the wine!

Chicken, beef or vegetable broth: it is less acidic and sweeter than red wine, but the broth will add flavor to your dish.

Grape juice, pomegranate or cranberry juice: these juices are very acid, similar to the acidity of the wine. It is a perfect substitute because rich fruit flavors add intensity to the dish. Perfect for deglazing!

What you can use to replace white wine:

White wine vinegar: it is an ideal alternative for dry white wine. The white wine vinegar has characteristics very similar to those of wine, it is then perfect for deglazing!

Lemon juice: Fresh lemon juice is very acid, it reproduces wonderfully the punch that the white wine gives to a dish. Dilute the lemon juice with an equal amount of water to prevent it from being too pronounced.

White grape juice: Less acidic, but very tasty, the juice of white grape replaces the wine.

Chicken or vegetable broth: broths are less acidic and sweeter than wine, but not without flavors!