With a pool noodle, duct tape and rope, your cat will be fulfilled!

Your couch will stay in good condition!

Tips and Crafts

Cats love to sharpen their claws! I love cats, but I hate when kitty decides to sharpen his claws on my new couch, or worse, on my thighs! This DIY is awesome, because it will allow your kitten to understand that it must sharpen his claws in this area and it will decorate your office ...

What you need :

  • double-sided tape
  • 4 pool noodles
  • big natural rope
  • a desk

How to do :

  • Turn the desk upside down.
  • Cut pool noodles lengthwise and cut them from the size of the table legs.
  • Stick double-sided tape to the two edges of the noodle.
  • Install pool noodles on the four table legs.
  • Remove the paper and stick the noodles on the legs.
  • Glue tape all along the noodle so that the rope adheres well.
  • Remove the papers, then turn the rope all around the pool noodle.

Here's the result :

A beautiful office-scraper for kitty! He will love it so much that he will never sharpen his claws again on your couch! ;-)