With a small budget of just $200, she makes her old-fashioned kitchen very modern!

Nobody wants to believe that she spent only $200 in renovating her kitchen!

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Here is another proof that a renovation project does not need to be expensive to give superb results and completely transform the appearance of a kitchen.

This dark, old-fashioned kitchen depressed its owner, so she started with her very small budget without ever suspecting that she could do so much with so little.

She spent a total of $200 in materials to paint her cabinets and change the kitchen counter, and by doing the work with her spouse they did not have to pay for labor.

The counter and backsplash were redone with ceramic tiles paid $10 per box. Watch for discounts, you might also come across a great bargain!

By painting the cabinets of a beautiful pale gray, arranged with the gray of the counter, the kitchen is completely different.

It is clearer, more modern and so much more beautiful!

Without changing the cabinets, just painting them, this kitchen isn't the same at all!

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