With a stoneware container and a goldfish tank, she creates a useful item that's perfect for a kitchen

It's a good gift!

Tips and Crafts

I suggest you a small DIY project fast and cute for the weekend or anytime in the year!

You need a stoneware container of 4 or 6 inches with its saucer, one goldfish tank with a flat bottom, acrylic paint and brushes, E-6000 glue and small plastic or wooden cupboard handles.

First paint the pot and the saucer in a beautiful bright color.

Red for example. Paint and glue the handle over the saucer hole to turn it into a lid.

Glue the goldfish tank onto the upside down pot.

You have just made a candy or gum dispenser!

By decorating the stoneware containers differently, you get a different result each time. The materials to make these candy boxes are cheap: offer them to friends by filling them with treats that make happy! [pub]