With simple plastic spoons, she makes a very trendy decorative object.

Plastic spoons are transformed into spectacular wall decoration

Tips and Crafts

Kristi Linauer, a retired decorator who loves doing DIY, has an innate talent for seeing the potential hidden in the most insignificant things.

When she looks at an object, her brain immediately goes into "search" mode and quickly finds a way to transform it into something extraordinary.

For example, she found that these white plastic spoons in the bottom of her closet had an interesting shape - The oblong shape could perhaps be used to make petals? Once painted, no one would know they're spoons!

She combined her interest of interior design with her passion for DIY, she decided to make a wall decoration that catches all eyes: A beautiful flower-shaped decorative mirror :)

Those who don' know what has been used to make it, believe that they are looking at a valuable decorative object. It's true that the result is impressive:

* The first step required patience. Kristi had to break 288 spoons by hand ... Phew!

* Then she cut two crown shapes into a stiff cardboard - one 12 inches and the other 18 inches in diameter.

* The two crowns were assembled by sticking a few handles of broken spoons on the back.

* Then, it was time to glue the spoons, starting by the outer contour. Calmly, she glued each spoons to the center. The goal was to form a flower.

* Before starting the last row, she glued her little circular mirror.

Finally, she just had to paint each petals by creating a colour gradient.

DIY Everywhere

This mirror is so beautiful that it could be the key element in the living room, the bedroom or in the hallway.

One thing is certain, we will never look at our stuff that are in the bottom of a drawer in the same way. Who would have thought that cheap plastic spoons could be transformed into such luxurious decoration?