Woman caught boyfriend cheating by looking at this picture.

Can you see what's wrong?

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Kayla Paeth figured out her boyfriend was cheating on her, only by looking at a picture! How is that possible?  

The Illinois woman can thank her eagle eyes for helping her bust her boyfriend as a cheater - by seeing another woman's reflection in a photo he sent her.

Kayla Paeth, 26, who lives near Chicago, exposed her love interest on her TikTok account and as you can imagine, the video quickly went viral and ranked up over 450,000 views! 

Here's the infamous photo, can you spot what's wrong? 

"Gets a [Snapchat photo] of the man I'm talking to…" she wrote on the image he sent her of the meal he was preparing, before zooming in on a woman's reflection. Absolutely brilliant.

You can see when you zoom in!

Paeth pointed out that while all she could see were the person's hands, they had white acrylic nails, bracelets, a rose gold Apple Watch, and a ring.

After questioning her boyfriend on who he was cooking for, he replied: "It should have been you." Not a good enough answer.

“Gots to do better my guy lmao ” she wrote in the video caption. And we hope she did!

The video was inundated with comments applauding her investigative skills.

One user said: "Don't men know we are detectives?!"

Another replied: "The red flag is cooking dinner at 10pm."

"Thank you NEXT," said a third one. 

If you are dating, it might be time to inspect all the photos your love interest sends you! You never know what they could be hiding!

Are you currently dating someone? How do you establish trust in a relationship?