Woman recycles bags of chips to make blankets for the homeless.

Here's another reason to eat more chips!

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Did you know that bags of chip are difficult to recycle? This is because they are made of plastic and a very thin layer of aluminum, which makes it impossible to separate during recycling. Therefore, these packages end their life in the trash.

This ecological constraint inspired an Englishwoman named Pen Huston. Since polypropylene is waterproof and aluminum is a great insulator and can retain heat, she thought of turning the chip packets into survival blankets for people who live on the streets.

Crisp Packet Project
Crisp Packet Project

Pen is a volunteer with a homeless charity in the town of Hastings, in the south of England. She also founded the Crisp Packet Project program.

As part of her solidarity initiative, she collects as many empty bags of chips as possible and transforms them into sleeping bag-style blankets.

Crisp Packet Project

To make only one sleeping bag, you would need an average of 300 bags of chips.

Crisp Packet Project

Hundreds of people have joined Pen's association. People across the country are also mailing her bags of chips.

Crisp Packet Project

If you are curious, the body brings the bags together by a heat effect, with irons.

Thanks to Pen and her collaborators, many people living in the streets will be less cold now.

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