Women in a relationship with a younger man are happier

That's what science says!

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Published 1 month ago
Women in a relationship with a younger man are happier

The age difference in couples elicits a lot of reaction, even nowadays. Especially when the woman is older in the pair.

Women who are in a relationship with younger men are referred to as MILFs or Cougars and they are heavily criticized.

However, according to an American study, these women are more fulfilled!

Perhaps that's why this lifestyle model is becoming more and more common, even though unfortunately many women still hide to live their love in order not to be pointed at.

The study in question was conducted by Justin J. Lehmiller and published in Psychology Today. It asserts that women in relationships with younger men are happier.

This survey was conducted among 200 women who were divided into three distinct groups: women older than their partner, women younger than the man, and women whose age is close to that of their partner.

It turns out that those who are in a relationship with a man 10 years younger are "more satisfied and committed to the relationship".

Justin J. Lehmiller thus explains this result. "When the woman is older, the power dynamics evolve towards greater equity. [...] Older women may feel more capable of getting what they want in their relationships, sexually and otherwise."

Shouldn't we stop judging these women then?

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Source: TDN