Would you judge a mom that is using a backpack with a leash for her kid?

We don't know other people's lives and the struggles they are going through.

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Would you judge a mom that is using a backpack with a leash for her kid?

Being a parent is not really an easy task. We must have eyes everywhere! An adventurous little one can escape our surveillance in just a few seconds. What parent has never felt the anguish of not seeing their child in a public place, for example? 

A mother who made a choice in order to ensure the safety of her little boy was however the victim of the judgment of others and she decided to publish an explanation concerning her choice to use a "leash" for her child. 

Rachel Butcher actually adopted her son and people have absolutely no idea about how extremely difficult her journey to parenthood was and about her personal struggles. Still, they feel they have the right to give her disapproving looks when they see her using a leash attached to the backpack of her little boy.

Rachel Butcher / Facebook

One day, this kind of incident made the mom cry and she decided to speak out on the subject on her Facebook page. Her post has made people look at her case from a very new perspective. Karen began her post by stating that her day was extremely hard.

“Our son has more energy and speed than your average 21-month-old. Aside from his already rough beginning of medicine exposure, we know little to nothing about his biological family and their genetics." 

She then explained the story behind the backpack with a leash:

“My child runs faster than me. Due to scar tissue from my hysterectomy, I have trouble running sometimes to keep up with him. Let it also be known, I religiously ran races and ran every day before my surgery. So it’s not due to laziness.”

“My child also hates to be confined, whether it’s by a car seat, high chair, stroller — or shocker, a shopping cart. I use Shipt more often than I should because it’s incredibly hard to go out with him alone sometimes.”

Rachel Butcher / Facebook

“I’ve come home crying because I’ve left stores before finishing shopping because he’s having a meltdown, I also got snide comments and nasty looks then too,” she revealed. “But today, today was worse. We went to Target and he wore his backpack and he did AMAZING. He was HAPPY, LAUGHING, SMILING, and yes, running, but he was close to me.”

Rachel Butcher / Facebook

“The looks and side-eye I got from no less than 5 ’Karens’ made me grab my 2 items and leave. I don’t know why women feel the need to judge and mom-shame so often.”

“My son is nearly 3 now and still runs — like full out sprints — he still attends OT, PT, and speech, and we’re working through his developmental delays and he is thriving. Remember his name, one day he will be a running back!” said Butcher during an interview with Bright Side

Rachel Butcher / Facebook

Parents face challenges and criticism every day, but what matters in the end is caring for your child in the best way possible! Just make sure that whatever you do isn't breaking the law. ;-)

Every parent has the right to bring up their children as think is the best. Before judging a mom or a dad, let's walk several kilometers in their shoes first.