Would you like to go to this small cottage for a weekend?

A charming cottage!

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This nice cottage, surrounded by horse pastures, is located on a quiet farm in Nashville, Tennessee.

The inside is completely renovated, and every detail of the design is beautiful. You can feel the influence of the countryside but the decor is a harmonious blend of country and contemporary style.

The cottage is available for vacation rental through Airbnb. Take two minutes to visit, you too will want to go for a weekend there!

Enjoy the visit!

So beautiful

The main living space is warm and welcoming. Although the space is small, it is fully functional and ready to welcome guests. The ergonomics of the main room offers plenty of space to sit and relax.

Living room

The living room is simple and charming with white walls, white curtains, and mostly white furniture. The big mirror above the sofa is a great thing to make a room more spacious; the atmosphere is very sweet!

The kitchen

The kitchen only takes a wall, but offers everything you need to cook! Industrial open shelves add function and style. The choice of blue cabinets is an unexpected and chic surprise.


The bedroom is mainly white. The wooden furniture creates a rustic space and the white bedding creates a luxurious feeling.


The blue of the bathroom matches the kitchen cabinets. This kind of detail is important when decorating a small house. This bathroom is quite charming, don't you think?

The small mezzanine

The ladder on the first floor leads to a charming little mezzanine. The space offers two beds that can be used for children!

Other photos

I must admit that I am completely in love with this little cottage in the country. If one day you go through Tennessee, stop in this dream place!

Would you like to go to this small cottage in the countryside? I do! If you wish to have more information on this small house, click on the link at the end of the article!