Would you like to have a cardboard house built in one day?

A surprising construction!

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Do you know the Wikkelhouse? This a house that can be built in one day.

The Dutch company, Fiction Factory, has created this famous cardboard house. Cardboard? Yes, in cardboard!

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A cardboard house!

The Fiction Factory company previously built cardboard furniture. But recently the company started building this house. Look at this picture! Isn't it beautiful?


This house is literally a house built from recycled cardboard. There are 24 layers of cardboard, bonded with ecofriendly superglue.

The segments

Although designed to face bad weather, this house has some inconveniences; each segment costs about $5,000 and each of the 3.5-meter sections weighs about 1,000 pounds.

Even more!

It would seem that this house is designed to last over 50 years. The builders of this concept house say that the house beats records in terms of sound-proofing.

Do you love it?

This house is currently available in Europe. I don't know if it will be available one day in Quebec. I know that we would probably have to find a way to insulate it to face our harsh winter conditions but the concept is still interesting, right? It could make a nice summer cottage?

People can buy the number of segments they want, for $5,000 a segment and build a whole house! Do you like the concept?