Would you like to spend a couple of days in this beach hut?

A dream hut!

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Discover the interior!

The owners of this little house affectionately call it, the beach hut. I would call it my little dream hut!

This charming little house is located in a bucolic spot on the edge of a stunning coast!

The decor of the house is simple and you feel at home. The small house was built in 1920 and is now a beach house for rent. The bad news is that it's in the UK. It's a bit far for us but, I still share the photos with you, for the pleasure of the eyes, to dream just the time to look at the beautiful pictures. It's really worth taking a look at this house; who knows, you may go to this part of the world one day and you will have the chance to live there?

We can dream, right? Here is this beautiful beach house!

Good visit!


This place and this house are absolutely beautiful. The view is incredible. We imagine the feeling of peace that we can have when we live in this house. Finally, holy peace!

52 acres

The house is part of a 52-acre estate ! What a dream place ! This house does not claim to be a luxurious estate but a charming house with a lot of character.

As the house is very small, the room is open to the rest of the house. This open space includes the bedroom with a king-size bed, a small dining area, living room and the tiny kitchen. How not to be hypnotized by this view?


The bathroom has a shower. I like the choice of ceramics and you?

Dining area and kitchen

This house is perfect for two or just for one person. The owners of this rental house even accept dogs!

The little dining area is really cute ! I really like the little red fridge ! The kitchen is small but has a hob, convection oven and even a barbeque!


The residents of this house also have Internet, a television, a Nespresso coffee machine and other little extras of this kind. With such idyllic landscape, I would be spending all my time on the beach or on the balcony watching the beautiful scenery!

The price

Are you curious to know the rental price for a week in this house? About $4,000. Phew, it's quite expensive but, what a bucolic place! We can always dream, it does not cost anything!

Would you like to go in this house? I am curious to know what you think about it!