Would you live in a 100 square foot tiny house?

Small but pretty!

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Discover the "Nugget" tiny house !

Many people decide to leave their big houses to live in a tiny house. The change requires a lot of organization and people often need to get rid of several objects that will have no place in the new home.

Imagine living in a tiny house of only 100 square feet ! It's hard to imagine, right ?

The next tiny house, called "Nugget", will impress you with its well organized and well decorated interior.

With a bathroom, a kitchen and a sleeping area, the house will perhaps impress you with its interior !

It only remains for me to wish you a good visit !


You will understand that the little house is an open area. The sleeping area is cozy with all these cushions !


Just because a house is tiny does not mean it has to run out of storage ! Notice the shelves all around the house.


A wooden countertop makes up the majority of the kitchen which has a large sink, copper faucet and mini-fridge. Copper and wood can be found in the rest of the house.


It may be hard to believe but the tiny house also has a tiny bathroom with shower ! It is well hidden behind a foldable door. There is a composting toilet and a small shower. The bathroom, is small, but it has two small shelves for storage.

Other photos

Because it's really impressive, here are more pictures of this 100 square foot tiny house. Don't you think the details are beautiful ? There is even storage under the bed.

Would you live in a 100 square feet house ?

And ? What do you think of this 100-square-foot tiny home ? Small, huh ? I must admit that its layout is well thought. I like this decor with light colors. I must admit that the interior is warm despite its small size. I did not expect to have a bathroom in this one.

And you ? Would you be able to live in such a small house ? I must admit that it is very beautiful, but after one day, I would want to leave ! I can't wait to read your comments !