Would you live in a house built inside the rocks?

A house that certainly stands out from the others!

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If you were wondering why this house exists, that's the answer; this house is the result of a project that the architects firm Olson Kundig realized.

To be able to build this house on the rocks, the builders had to explode the rock, to be able to install the principal structure; the House.

Are you curious to know more about this strange house?

Come take a look!

This is a challenge!

The idea of building a house on the rocks did not scare our architects who lovechallenges! If you are curious to know where the house is, this one is not far from Seattle in the United States.

The house is located between two huge rocks.


It's not because we live in a rock that the view is not fantastic! Did you know that all the rooms in the house, except the guest suite, were part of the same block of concrete built into the rocks? To ensure that the concrete matches the landscape, they planted grass on the roof of the house. What do you think of this living room and this dining room?


A large skylight has been carved into the stone to let in the natural light. There are works of art everywhere in this original house.

Do you like the concept?

Right now, you are looking at the sink in the bathroom. We can see that this furnitre was installed on the rock. Do you like this house?


The big pieces of stone were used to build the garage wall. This house was built in 2010. I must admit that I like the terrace with its huge fireplace, but I couldn't live in a house built inside rocks, could you?