Would you spend a weekend in this cabin without Wi-Fi and TV?

A dream for some, a nightmare for others... On which side are you?

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Would you spend a weekend in this cabin without Wi-Fi and TV?

Nowadays, an internet connection has become so essential that few people can live without it. At home, in the office, and on even our phones, we constantly use it to check our emails, do research or check our social media apps. 

If you were offered to spend a weekend in a small cottage with no internet access and no TV, would you be up for it? 

But wait, do not say no before visiting it! This little cabin is located in Cazadero, California (only about 2 hours from San Francisco), surrounded by nature, and it is available for rent on Airbnb. Take a look below!

The small cabin is located in the middle of nature. Even without TV and Internet, you have to admit that it is charming!

As you enter the cabin, you can see to the left a staircase that leads to the mezzanine, and to the right is a beautiful fireplace.

The living room might not be be very big large but still has enough space for loveseat and a lovely bookcase.

No TV? No problem! There is a space that has been set up for listening to music with a turntable, an audio device and a sound column. All you need to relax or...party! 

The kitchen has a large counter with two sinks and standard size household appliances. 

The bathroom has everything you need: a vanity unit and a shower-tub.

The mezzanine has two sections, one of which serves as a bedroom. It is furnished with a double bed, and once again, lots of books.

In the other section of the mezzanine, there is a second space for music with two instruments.

What do you think of this lovely A-shaped cabin? Would you like to spend a few nights?