You can build a cozy nook using old pallets, here's 10 ideas!

Create a beautiful backyard space for a few pennies!

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Published 3 years ago
You can build a cozy nook using old pallets, here's 10 ideas!

Dreaming of your own cozy secret nook in the backyard? You don't have to dream anymore! Using old wood pallets, you can create a very nice place that will cost you next to nothing!

Here are 10 ideas to inspire you.

1. Nook On Wheels

Such a great idea from Recycled Things, this nook on wheels can be moved to different corners of your backyard!

Recycled Things

2. Exterior Living Room

This set-up looks so luxurious! Who would believe it is made out of pallets?

Instagram | @hchmoo

3. Exterior Table

Add a few cushions for a beautiful exterior table! Great for family's BBQs.

Pallet Furniture Projects

4. Pallet Cabana

Perfect if you have a pool or...a dog!

Instagram | @virtual_vintage_co

5. Corner Nook

This nook is perfect for inside! With a great book and a glass of wine ?.

Pallet Wood Projects

6. Double Lounger

This bed-shaped nook is perfect for afternoon naps!

Instagram | @awinchelldesigns

7. Outdoor Furniture

Take your living room in the backyard!

Flickr | Danielle de Lange

8. Simple Nook

We love this beautiful and simple nook. You can watch the video of the process here.

YouTube | Real Cedar

9. Swing

Can you believe it is made with pallets? 

YouTube | Real Cedar

10. Floral Nook

Perfect for the gardeners! This nook can accommodate beautiful flowers pots, instructions available here.

YouTube | Cleverly

Which one is your favourite?

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