You can get edible chocolate shaped in this really weird body part!

A very unique Valentine's Day gift idea!

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Published 2 years ago
You can get edible chocolate shaped in this really weird body part!

Valentine's Day is right around the corner! And if this year you are looking for a fun and original idea, we have one for you: chocolate buttholes! It might sound crazy and it probably is!

Edible Anus is a real company that sells very realistic anus shaped chocolate that are made with pure milk chocolate. You can even pick from three colors available: white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate!

And if this was already not weird enough, the company also sells a kit to make your own chocolate anus. Yes, you read that right! You can use your own butthole as a cast and make a unique butt chocolate.

Edible Anus

A London,UK artist named Magnus Irvin is the brain behind this crazy idea. He first made a range of anuses in different colors to present in an exhibition. The company believes that "the Edible Anus can help to break down cultural boundaries or race, class, gender, and sexual orientation in an amusing and easily digestible way."

A pack of 5 will cost you £24.00 (around USD$30) and the kit cast your own anus retails for £12.99 (around USD$17). They are available on Amazon or on the company’s website here. You can even get a solid bronze, silver or gold anus!

Is this a gift that your partner would enjoy? Would you try one of these treats yourself?