You can now get a giant pillow in the shape of a McNugget!

Fried smell not included!

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Do you like fast food, especially McDonald's? Do you literally dream of it at night? Here is an item you might like. The perfect gift for yourself or a fan of the famous McNuggets: a giant pillow! 

You can't snuggle up to a real chicken nugget, it's too greasy! But how about falling asleep cramming a body pillow 3 feet (1 meter) long? Famous singer Travis Scott has teamed up with McDonalds to create a gigantic "Nugget" pillow that pays homage to the famous McNugget. 

The pillow does really look like the real thing, doesn't it? Oil-free and odorless and surely very soft! This is not the only product of the collaboration between the artist and the restaurant. You can also get ties, hoodies ($88 to $98), t-shirts ($48), meal trays and shorts.

soure: Instagram - nick.snkrs
Mc Donald's

But the star is really the oversized McNugget! But it doesn't come cheap, you will have to pay $90 for the pillow. It will be a hit with collectors and chicken eaters! 

Do you know someone who would like to receive a big McNugget for Christmas? Or, maybe you'll keep the pillow to yourself? And what do you think of this kind of sweater? Would you show your love for the Golden Ark in this way? The pillow is a way to bring McDonald's home and cuddle all night! Unfortunately, at the moment, the pillow is out of stock, but a quick replenishment is promised.