You can now order Frozen II inspired Starbucks secret drink

Try the Starbucks secret menu Olaf Frappuccino.

Tips and Crafts

You can now get an "Olaf Frappuccino" on your next Starbucks coffee run. A special thanks to our friends from the website ( for sharing the recipe. This drink is featured on the secret Starbucks menu and you will have to provide your barista with the instructions below. 

How to order the drink: 

Order a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino of the size of your choice. Ask for an extra White Mocha drizzle, whipped cream and chocolate swirls on top.  

Order a Snowman Cakepop and add it on the side of the drink. (if you can resist the temptation not to eat it right away!) 

This drink is a great kid-friendly option as it does not contain coffee, a perfect treat to enjoy while watching the new Frozen II movie with your little one. 

If you are not convinced just yet, take a look at those delicious pictures below:

Will you be enjoying this treat during the holiday season?