You can now own the adult version of the Little Tikes Kids’ car!

If you weren't allowed one as a kid, you can now buy it for yourself!

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Did you always dream of owning a Little Tikes car as a kid, but your parents couldn't afford one or felt it was unsafe?

Well, your dream can now come true! Someone is selling a Little Tikes adult version car on Auto Trader! The car is on sale for £3,500 or about $4,500 USD!

The car is a 2011 Smart ForTwo and was customized to look exactly like the Little Tikes!

Photo : Auto Trader

It even features giant googly eyes on the windscreen!

Photo : Auto Trader

According to the website, the car is totally road legal, but can be pushed by motivated friends!

Photo : Auto Trader

Even the plate almost reads Little Tikes! The ad is asking for complete nutters to enquire only - no serious adults!

Photo : Auto Trader

Auto Trader said: "It's an iconic car that's played a memorable role in the childhood lives of millions of people over four decades, and now UK car buyers have the chance to relive some of these memories but this time following the highway code."

Photo : Auto Trader

The car also features:

  • Assistance Package
  • Luxury Pack
  • Smart Sound System
  • Smoker Kit
  • Breakdown Kit
  • Luggage Compartment Cover
  • Anti-theft Alarm System
  • ISOFIX Child Seat Fastener
  • Cup Holder
  • Glove Compartment, Lockable
  • Storage Box

Would you be interested in driving this car?