You can now see on your phone when your baby needs a diaper change!

You will get a notification when Baby has a dirty diaper!

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If you are a high-tech parent you might want to learn about Pampers new technology called Lumi. Basically it's a all-in-one baby monitor system that allows you to see baby, their sleep, their feeding and their diaper activity! It even shows you the rooms temperature and humidity. 

The technology was codeveloped with paediatricians and provides parents insight of their baby growth and development. The app tracks your baby sleep and charts it over time so you can see their sleep pattern and then better create a routine that works for you!

1. Video Monitor

The video monitor allows parent to see Baby in 1080p HD as well as room temperature and humidity tracking.

Photo : Pampers

2. Diaper sensor

The sensor attached to Lumi diapers with a Velcro and tracks Baby sleep patterns and changing needs.

Photo : Pampers

3. The App

The App with your baby’s data allows you to have personalized insights to help better understand Baby's development journey!

This new technology is great for new anxious parent or parents that have special needs babies! The initial kit will cost you around $350 and diaper refills are $59.95 for one month. If you already thought that diapers are expensive, this might not be for you!

What do you think of this technology? Is it going too far or do you think it's a genius idea?