You think you're doing it well but you put your health at stake every time!

If that is what you are doing, you should stop right away!

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When you drink bottled water, do you use it more than once? Do you fill it with tap water or a fountain before recycling it?

This should be stopped altogether. It could have disastrous consequences on your health.

The problem is coming from the plastic: most bottles are made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET). This type of plastic is not dangerous unless the bottle is reused!

From a 2nduse, the plastic starts to break down and come into direct contact with water ... and your body! [pub]

This type of plastic releases antimony trioxide, a product known to be carcinogenic. Daily contact with this substance causes irritation to the respiratory tract and skin. But you might also not notice any symptoms before they are really serious.

So, plastic bottles go to recycling when they are empty. Do not fill them anymore with the intention of helping the environment, you are harming your health every time!

Buy a recyclable, safe bottle (without PET and BPA), it will be even better for the environment and your health!