You won't be able to do without these bathroom tips ever again

12 practical tips!

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You won't be able to do without these bathroom tips ever again

12 tips to simplify your life!

Admit it, it's so nice to have a clean and well organized bathroom, but it's also true that a lot of time can be spent scrubbing and cleaning in this part of the house, righ?!

From cleaning, to wellness tips, to simple but very effective tips; you will certainly enjoy discovering the following 12 tips to apply in your bathroom.

Some of them will make your life so much easier that you will wonder why you did not think of these sooner!

Stop scrubbing for nothing and wasting your time when you could enjoy your bathroom instead of getting annoyed by it.

Good reading!

Tip 1

Get rid of limestone by rubbing a lemon on your faucet; it's effective and really not complicated in terms of cleaning.

Tip 2

Do you feel that your nose is starting to clog? Get some eucalyptus branches from the florist and hang them in the shower. With the hot water from the shower, the vapors of eucalyptus will unblock your nose!

Tip 3

Another good way to get rid of limestone is to scrub the faucets with parchment paper. It works very well on brushed nickel.

Tip 4

If your bathroom sink, or your bathtub has really stubborn stains, use one half of grapefruit dipped in coarse salt. Your spots should disappear quite easily. Use this trick for those famous dark circles around the bath drain!

Tip 5

Are you lucky enough to have a nice glass door shower? Are you tired of always having drops of water on your door? Try scrubbing the dry doors with a sheet of fabric softener; it's a true little miracle!

Tip 6

Do you have hair blocking the drain and pipe of your sink? If you have an old mascara brush, it can be used to remove small blockages of slightly sunken hair.

Tip 7

Have you thought about running your toothbrush holder through a cycle of your dishwasher? It's very important to do it; think of the bacteria that ends up in this piece! While you're at it, place the soap dish in too!

Tip 8

Clean your mirrors with cooled black tea and a rag or crumpled newspaper. You will see a big difference in the appearance of your bathroom mirrors.

Tip 9

This simple system may simplify your life in a big way. Install a second extendable bar in your shower to hang things to: swim helmet, shampoo holder, sponge and other items you use in the shower. This is the ideal thing for small showers that do not offer much space for storing these items.

Tip 10

Clean your tile joints with baking soda and vinegar. Leave on for a few moments but do not wait too long before rubbing with a toothbrush because it dries and you will have an even harder time removing the stains!

Tip 11

You have a beautiful dress but it is crumpled? Place it in the dryer at high temperature for a few minutes or hang it in the bathroom while you wash; the steam of your shower should help remove wrinkles!

Tip 12

You probably know this stuff, but if your shower head has clogged holes, soak it in a plastic bag with vinegar and baking soda. There are also other cleaning products that you can buy in store (but be careful not to use a product that is too strong). You can also use white vinegar and a few drops of essential lemon oil.

Hope these tips were helpful!