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Young Mexican invents a bra that can save the lives of many women

A young man inspired and inspiring!

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All women could develop breast cancer. Every woman can have this cancer and unfortunately it may be fatal.

But this poison can go undetected for years, growing in the body, with the serious consequences that we know.

Efforts to screen for the disease are increasing, from examination in a medical office and self-examinations at home. But some women find it hard to do this and it's stressful for them not to know if they can detect the presence of cancer in their breasts.

Julián Ríos Cantú hopes to change that. His mother had fought breast cancer three times, including one who was treated six months after her first medical visit, the young man says early detection would have made a huge difference for her.

"The tumor went from having the dimensions of a grain of rice to that of a golf ball in less than six months. The diagnosis came too late and my mother lost both of her breasts and, almost, her life".

Julián is a student at Monterrey University of Technology in Mexico. He also runs a company named Higia Technologies. He designed a bra that uses biosensors to detect changes in the breasts.

Called EVA, this product assesses breast health by noting any changes in color, temperature or texture.

His prototype made his company 2017’s top winner in the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards.  

How does this product work? The woman must wear the bra for 1 to 2 hours a week. An app tracks the information collected by the bra's sensors. If there is a noticeable change, the application will prompt the lady to consult her doctor.

video screenshot - TipHero

A breast with a tumor will have a higher temperature and a higher amount of blood flow. Julián and her team designed this bra to detect such abnormalities without an invasive method. Although still in the prototype phase, Julián hopes that the bra will be available to the public within two years.

Facebook -Higia Technologies

His team is still working on data collection and analysis. In addition, the technology would require rounds of scientific testing before hitting the market. Still, Julián remains determined. He started working on his idea at the age of 17, gathered friends to make his team and filed patents. The budding businessman is determined to change the way breast cancer affects women.

Facebook -Higia Technologies

Breast cancer is the most common form of the disease diagnosed for women around the world. Having a reliable way to screen for cancer at home could potentially be a lifesaver, motivating millions of women to see a health care professional. Note that this type of cancer can also affect men.

Congratulations to Julián and the team of Higia for working as innovators in healthcare !

Eva bra

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Posted by Higia Technologies on Sunday, February 25, 2018