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Young woman stunned after finding out what M&M's name actually stands for

Admit it, you have no idea!

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Did you know what the letters M&M's mean behind the chocolates bearing this name? Well, a woman recently discovered it and was amazed, reports The Lad Bible.

The TikTok user @condimentclaire told exactly the meaning of these letters and the story behind these chocolate sweets.

These candies were created by Forrest Edward Mars Sr., the son of the founder of Mars Company.

His father, Franklin Clarence Mars, invented the famous Milky Way, Snickers and Mars.

However, father and son had a big family fight, because Forrest Mars wanted to expand the company's activities internationally, while his father preferred to keep everything in the United States only.

During his trip to Europe, Forrest noticed that people during the Civil War were eating chocolate in a sugar shell. He brought this idea back to the United States.

He then asked a chemist how to maintain higher nutrients from rice... which would become Uncle Ben's rice.

Once back in the United States, Forrest had kept his idea. However, the Mars Company did not have enough chocolate to proceed.

So he decided to start a partnership with his competitor Hershey to ensure a regular supply of chocolate. The son of the Hershey president is named Bruce Murrie.

Thus, M&M's is in honor of Mars and Murrie. The first candies were created in 1941 and quickly became successful during World War II. As they were protected by a sugar shell, the chocolates were easy to transport by the soldiers, who did not fear seeing them melt.

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