Your brand new sponge is very dirty but is not worn at all? An ingredient in the pantry will save it!

Do not throw away your sponges because they are dirty, wait until they are worn! And wash them with this trick!

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It happens that we use a brand new sponge to wash a very greasy frying pan and that even if our brand new sponge is still in very good condition and really not crumbled, and although it is really too dirty to wash something else!

It's a shame to throw a sponge after a single use!

Well, an ingredient in your pantry will wash it very easily!


-A bowl

After washing a greasy sponge your sponge is all dirty and full of grease?


1) Soak the sponge with water and let it in the bowl


2) Add salt to the bowl of water with the sponge

3) Heat the bowl of water with the sponge for 1 minute

4) Then spin the sponge in this same water several times!

All the grease and dirt will disappear from your brand new sponge!