Your deodorant is not just for your armpits! Here are 10 unsuspected uses of the deodorant!

These tricks are really surprising!

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((10 ways to use deodorant other than for armpits))

You've been using your deodorant for years without even thinking about what this product actually does! You even have your favorite perfume and it is rare that you derogate from your favorite brand!

And if I told you that this same product could be useful for other parts of your body, would you apply it to an area of your body that tends to smell bad sometimes? By passing a paper towel on top of it, your stick will always smell good!

In this gallery you will discover 10 new ways to use stick, or spray or roll-on deodorant on other parts of your body.

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((10 ways to use deodorant other than for armpits))

1) Prevent your sunglasses from slipping: 

With sweating, your sunglasses tend to slip? Apply a thin layer of deodorant on top of your nose and your glasses will not slip anymore! In addition, your nose will smell baby powder!

2) Avoid sweating at night: 

You sweat a lot at the lower back at night? Apply a deodorant on this area of your back and sleep better! Good night! Zzzzzzzz .....

((10 ways to use deodorant other than for armpits))

3) Avoid having irritated skin under breasts:

Many women with a big breast have this problem during hot days in summer. And the bra becomes uncomfortable. Deodorant is almost miraculous when you suffer from this problem. Try it!

4) The irritated skin of the thighs: 

It is not because we have big thighs that we becomes irritated in summer. The rubbing of the thighs can happen to everyone. If this problem annoys you, apply deodorant to your skin after taking a bath or shower, but only on dry skin.

5) Put on your Skinny jeans more easily: 

Apply deodorant where your jeans are the hardest to wear. It will make the task easier!

((10 ways to use deodorant other than for armpits))

6) Avoid stinking feet: 

When you think about it, it makes sense! We wear deodorant to not stink under armpits, so why not do the same for our feet? Use deodorantSPRAY.Spray the deodorant on a clean, freshly washed foot, when it is dry only and before wearing sandals or shoes.

7) Aftershave of Bikini area or armpit:

After shaving, the skin can be sensitive, irritated, dry or even develop pimples. By applying deodorant it is easy to avoid all these skin reactions.

8) Hide an imperfection on your face: 

You have nothing on hand and an imperfection really disturbs you, your deodorant can help you before applying your blush. This is not recommended for treating pimples. Hide dark spots, age spots, or scar, for a photo, but do not do it to much.

((10 ways to use deodorant other than for armpits))

9) Avoid frizz:

Use deodorant SPRAY on top of your hair when you straighten it or make a ponytail! The frizz will fade away!

10) Avoid blisters: 

By applying deodorant on sensitive areas, you will reduce the chances of getting blisters.

To conclude, this small cosmetic product is very useful for a multitude of body care! Learn how to use it differently!