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10 genius ways to use mesh laundry bags.

10 genius ways to use mesh laundry bags.
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Mesh laundry bags are great to use for washing delicates and underwear but did you know that they can be very useful around the whole house? And you probably can find them at your local dollar store!

Here are 10 great ways to use mesh laundry bags. 

1. Store onions and potatoes

Onions and potatoes should be store in a dark and dry area. Use mesh bags to store them in the pantry! You will also be able to see what's inside the bags so you will never run low again.  

Jewel Pie

2. Toy Bag 

When going to the park or the beach you should always take a mesh bag - it will keep your car and your house cleaner! The holes in the bag will filter all the sand and dirt.

childhood 101

3. Fruit Basket

To keep the fruits fly away, store your fruits inside colanders covered by a large mesh bag. Genius.

The Boat Galley

4. Wash Toys 

Small toys can be hard and tedious to wash, so next time put them in a mesh bag and turn the gentle cycle on! You can also put them in the dishwasher.

Life As Mama

5. Bath Toys 

Put all the bath toys in a mesh bag and make sure to hang them in place. No more mold and toys all over the bath!

Two Twenty One

6. Dryer For Dishes 

Next time you go camping make sure to bring some mesh bags! They are great to hang dishes for drying. 

Starling Travel

7. Shoe Net

Use a mesh bag to create a net for your shoes to dry in the dryer. Nobody likes that loud banging noice shoes make in the dryer.


8. Wash Plush 

Use a mesh laundry bag to wash your kids plush toys, they can accumulate a lot of bacteria and germs over time! 

Mamas Laundry Talk

9. Dishwasher Aid 

Small items often fall in the dishwasher that is why you place them in a mesh bag before putting them inside. It works well for lids, baby pacifiers, bottle pieces or any other small odd item.

Real Simple

10. Puzzle Bag

Keep puzzle pieces together by putting them in small mesh bags! It's a great way to store any other toys that should stay together.

Average Inspired

Do you use mesh bags for the laundry?

Source: One Crazy House · Photo Credit: One Crazy House

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