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10 Tips For Drying Your Laundry At Home More Efficiently.

10 Tips For Drying Your Laundry At Home More Efficiently.
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Drying clothes indoors is a must for most people during the colder months. Putting everything in the dryer in the easiest option but not always the best! There are some delicate pieces that must be air dried and it can make your utility bill considerably higher!

If you are scared of musty smell or damp clothes, here are 10 tips to help you dry your clothes inside easily and faster. 

1. Well ventilated room

It is very important to place your drying rack in a well ventilated room where the air circulates. The best option would be in front of a window or a radiator. This will speed up the drying process and prevent the musky smell. It is also important to ventilate your house to wick away all the moisture accumulated. Pro tip: do a load at night and spread your clothes in the morning, when you come back from work all your clothes will probably be dry!

2. High spin speed 

Try to use the higher spin speed available on your machine. This will remove as much water as possible and make the drying way faster. It will still consume less electricity than a dryer would. However, you should know be using this tip for gentle and fragile materials such as wool or cashmere. Make sure your clothes can handle it. 

3. Double spin cycle

Most washing machines will allow you to perform a spin cycle without rinsing. A second spin cycle will really remove excess water from your clothes. And it probably take only about 10 extra minutes! 

4. Leave Space In Between Clothes

To optimize the drying of laundry, leave as much space as possible between the clothes. This will allow the air to circulate well which will make your clothes dry much faster. If you don't have enough space on the drying rack, try to hang some clothes on chairs or windows. 

5. Use Two Bars 

For thicker fabrics such as jeans and towels, you should use two bars of your drying rack. This will allow better air circulation and prevent fabric from smelling bad. 

6. Rotate Clothes Regularly 

Different fabrics dry at different rate! That is why it is important to rotate the clothes regularly, putting the wettest items closer to the radiator/window. Check the drying condition of your clothes and especially the pockets, wrists and under the arms areas as they retain the most moisture. Remove the clothes that are already dry to free up space on the rack. 

7. Twist Clothes in a Towel 

To remove excess water from the laundry coming out of the machine, you can also use a large and thick towel. Simply lay the wet garment on the towel. Then, make a tight roll with the towel and clothing inside and begin to twist the roll from end to end, until the towel is completely twisted. The towel will absorb the excess water from the wet item and will help it to dry faster. 

8. Iron and Towel

If you have some extra time, you can iron your wet clothes to make them dry faster. Simply lay the wet garment on a ironing board and cover with a towel. Start ironing on both sides, this will allow most of the water to evaporate and be absorbed by the towel. Do not try this trick without covering with a towel as ironing wet clothes might damage your clothes! 

9. Hair Dryer 

If you really need THAT shirt you can use an hair dryer to dry your clothes! This tip should only be used for emergencies. Start by the wettest areas such as sleeves and collar and rotate the garment. 


10. Use Hangers

When putting your clothes on the drying rack, try putting them on hangers first. This works well with t-shirts, shirts, blouses and tops in general. It frees up more space on the drying rack and allow clothes to dry faster! As a bonus, your clothes will already be on hangers! So much easier to store directly in the closet. 

How do you usually dry your clothes? Are you air-drying at all? 

Source: Comment-Economiser · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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