Tips and Tricks : 10 tips for keeping your car clean!
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10 tips for keeping your car clean!

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When we re alone in the car, it's easier to keep it clean, unless you live in it. When you're traveling with the family, the dog, we buy a million stuff at the hardware store, we eat in it, or during the winter, our car tends to get dirty faster. This is why a daily maintenance of your car can save you a lot of work when it's cleaning time.

Here are 10 easy tips that will help you in your everyday life, in order to keep a clean and smelling car!

1- A spray that cleans thoroughly, and smells good: You will need a spray bottle, a cup of vinegar, 3 spoons of baking soda, lemon juice and dish soap without harmful products. Mix everything, and spray on the stained seats! Rub with a brush, and wipe with a clean cloth. Your seats will be clean and will smell good.

2- Nourish and clean leather surfaces: The best product is olive oil! It has a good smell, and nourishing properties for leather. However, do not put on your leather wheel. The surface could be slippery and cause you trouble when driving.

3- Get rid of animal hair: Spray a little water on the surface, and use a small scraper to remove the hair.

4- Remove the windshield wiper marks on your windscreen: An easy tip that we always neglects, is to clean the windshield wipers with rubbing alcohol!

5- Clear windows at all times: Vinegar and newspapers are perfect for cleaning windows. They become perfectly translucent and are easily cleaned with these products.

6- For a good smell: In a small pot or other glass container with a lid, place a few spoons of baking soda and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Drill the lid before closing it firmly. Place it under a seat or in a well-concealed area of the car.

7- Clean your wheels easily: The spray you made in step 1 will be very useful to gently and efficiently clean the wheels of your cars. They will be clean in a flash!

8- A sparkling car body, chemical-free: Marseille soap is a fantastic natural product! Its cleansing power is known throughout the world. Dilute a little Marseille soap in liquid formula in water and use this mixture to clean the car body.

9- Remove dust from ventilation openings: A small brush and the vacuum nozzle will easily remove the dus in the ventilation openings.

10- Clean car headlights for better vision: A toothbrush, a rag and a tube of toothpaste will be your tools for this task which seems very difficult. Rub your headlights with a rag and toothpaste, and clean the corners with the toothbrush. Your car headlights will be like new!

These 10 simple little tips will make your life much easier for the maintenance of your car. It can be clean and smell good at all times, without much effort or chemicals. Try them!

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