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11 amazing stuff to simplify your manicures and get perfect nails every time!

11 amazing stuff to simplify your manicures and get perfect nails every time!
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Doing your nails can be a nightmare for some people. Like me, for example! I do not have much talent for this!

This could change with these 11 incredible tricks that save time while helping you have perfect nails every time. I cannot wait to try them out, but before I'll explain them to you!

Dripping. To prevent the nail polish from dripping on the cuticles, there are 2 very simple solutions: apply vaseline around the nail or use white glue to protect the skin.

Dripping (2). If it is already too late and the nail polish has dripped out of the nail, use a thin brush, soak it in solvent, then gently rub around the nails. Drips will all disappear.

Color. To obtain a brighter color, always apply a basecoat with white polish: it will amplify the color that you will then apply.

Two-tone nail polish. To achieve a 2-tone manicure, use tape: Apply a first color to the entire nail, allow it to dry, then tape the area to be protected and apply a second color to the exposed area.

Remove the ribbon from the outside to prevent the varnish from dripping.

Patterns. Do you like patterns on your nails? It is quite risky to try to draw on the nails of both hands. The ideal solution is to paint the patterns apart and then apply them. Take a plastic bag, apply varnish, allow to dry, then draw the patterns.

Allow to dry completely, then peel off the plastic bag. Then glue them on your nails, applying a clear top coat.

Drawings. Using a thin sharpie is the key for beautiful drawings!

It's much easier and more accurate. Finish with a layer of transparent polish to seal the whole.

French manicure. The trick to get the beautiful straight line characteristic of the French manicure is to use an elastic!

Decorations. You would like to add small decorations to your nails? Take a makeup pencil, the small decorations will stay easily and you will have more ease to stick them in the right place on the nail.

Drying. What works really well to dry the polish quickly is to spray the wet nails with cooking spray. Wait a few minutes, then wash your hands to remove any greasy residue.

Cap. Nail polish caps are often glued and impossible to open. The solution: coat the neck with vaseline before closing it. The cap will be very easy to open next time!

Cap (2). Too late, the cap is well glued and you really cannot open it? Dip the cap into very hot water. After a few minutes, you should be able to open it. Remember to put vaseline on the neck so that it does not happen again.

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