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11 really cool ways to use Kool-Aid.

11 really cool ways to use Kool-Aid.
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There are so many ways to use Kool-Aid aside from drinking it, today we selected 11 activities that are really fun to do with kids. But don't worry, you won't be bored either!

1. Play Dough

This Kool-Aid Playdough smells amazing and is so fun! 

Via Kids Activities Blog

2. Sherbet

Have you ever tried  homemade Kool-Aid Sherbet? It's really delicious and easy to make! 

Butter With A Side of Bread

3. Lip Balm

You can make lip balm using Kool-Aid and coconut oil! Perfectly safe for children. 

One Crazy Mom

4. Slime

Slime is a classic that all the kids adore! Make Rainbow Slime Kool-Aid slime that is 100% edible and safe for younger children!

Growing A Jeweled Rose

5. Slushie

Kool-Aid Slushies are so refreshing and perfect for hot summer days.

Kid-Friendly Things To Do

6. Spaghetti Slime

Kool-Aid Spaghetti Slime is really fun and a sensory activity for young kids!

The 36th Avenue

7. Chalk Paint

Make your own chalk paint with Kool-Aid for hours of fun outdoors. 

Our Kid Things

8. Finger Paint 

Kool-Aid can also be made to make Rainbow Fingerpaint that is taste-safe and smells really good! 

Fireflies and Mud Pies

9. Tie-Dye 

Go back in the 80's by tie dyeing t-shirts with the kids! So fun!

10. Hair Dye

Paint your hair a fun color using Kool-Aid, who didn't try this as a kid?

Growing A Jeweled Rose

11. Cookies

If all these activities make you hungry, try baking Kool-Aid cookies!

The Happier Homemaker

Do you still drink Kool-Aid at home? If you have some in your pantry, you have to try these fun activities! 

Source: Play Ideas · Photo Credit: Play Ideas

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