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15 pictures that show that the world is not made for lefties!

15 pictures that show that the world is not made for lefties!
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Did you know? August 13 is International Left-Handers Day! This day was created in 1976 in order to raise awareness of the rights of left-handers and to fight against stigma and discrimination against them.

But, while left-handed people are exceptional, their daily lives are not always very simple. What may seem normal to most right-handed people, can irritate those who primarily use their left hand.

On this special day, here are some situations left-handed people experience on a daily basis that demonstrate that despite our best efforts to be inclusive, the world is still primarily created for right hands...

1. All left-handers know what can happen when they write with a pen ...

2. The challenge of measuring something...

3. Unicorn mugs are very cute ... but dangerous, when you're left-handed!

4. A reinforced oven mit to avoid burns ... only for right-handed people! 

SingleRelative / Reddit

5. Cooking, when you use your left hand, always looks like this ...

6. No left-handed desk ... how to feel excluded!

robsc16 / imgur

7. Life is perfect ... um ... not for left-handed people!

8. Mornings are especially hard for left-handed people.

9. Anything can be a challenge in a world that isn't made for lefties.

Bright Side

10. Technologies constantly evolve, but the design of a simple mouse is still not suited to left-handed people

11. A simple notebook can become torture...

12. The world is definitely made for right-handed people.

13. Scissors are also mostly designed for right-handed people ...

14. A useless utensil for a left-handed person

abebrolincoln / imgur

15. To all left-handed people, have a good day anyway! 


Are you a leftie?

Source: Bright Side · Photo Credit: reddit

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