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20 beautiful ways to decorate your garden with wooden crates

20 beautiful ways to decorate your garden with wooden crates
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Wine crates, old Coca Cola crates, nectarine crates and all the other wooden containers are not just practical! They are also very pretty and can be useful in thousand different ways in your garden!

If by chance you get your hand on an old or new wooden crate, but don't immediately know what to do with it... Do not get rid of it!

One day you will come up with a great idea and would be very sorry if you did not have this nice crate anymore.

You just happen to have a few wooden crates ready to use? So, do not waste any time and take a look at these great ideas!

Here are 20 great ideas to decorate your garden with wooden crates:

1) Simple stacked crates can be used as furniture to decorate the garden!

2) Add elements, such as metal and terracotta, with gardening accessories to give more character to your crates.

3) Secure the crates to each other with L-shaped brackets to prevent your structure from collapsing.

4) Need a piece of furniture for gardening? A "Potting Bench" is quickly made with wooden crates.


5) A simple wooden crate on an old chair for the jardinière has a lot of charm!

6) 2 stacked crates make a nice shelf near your gardening cupboard.

7) The cedar color used to dye these boxes fixed on a white concrete wall gives a very Mexican look, with Cactus as plants to top it off!

8) Fixed on the sides of a terrace, the wooden crates make beautiful jardinères.

9) Place the pots directly in the jardinière rather than planting the flowers in the ground.

10) Or cover the entire bottom with plastic wrap and fill with soil.


11) Wooden crates also make beautiful supports for flower pots.

12) An old Coca-Cola bottle case makes a perfect case for a vertical garden.

13) Would you dare to paint your wooden crates so bright?

14) Make outdoor shelves!

15) Or a hanging jardinière made out of cases of clementines!


16) Plant Succulents in several colorful crates!

17) A case of tangerines or clementines makes a great setting for a hanging bouquet!

18) They will also be perfect for fall decorations!

19) Highlight your flower pots by playing with perspectives!

20) And finally, make simple jardinières for your garden! The old worn wood will bring out the very bright colors of the beautiful flowers!

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