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3 out of 4 women felt these 3 symptoms one month before they had a heart attack!

3 out of 4 women felt these 3 symptoms one month before they had a heart attack!
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We have been taught to associate chest pain with heart attack, but this is just one symptoms among many others, especially for women as they experience other symptoms BEFORE chest pain.

The problem is that these warning signs are often ignored by the women themselves who say that it will be ok, but also by relatives and even doctors who do not always recognize the symptoms of a heart attack.

The reason is simple: The symptoms of a heart attack in women could be caused by a long list of reasons: feeling of faintness, menopause, stress, accumulated fatigue, virus, reaction to a drug ...

But a heart attack? If these signs are not known to be the symptoms of a heart attack, it is quite difficult to react properly.

Since 3 out of 4 heart attack survivors felt these 3 symptoms up to 1 month before finally having one, we can conclude that they are an important indicator of going to see a doctor!

Unusual Fatigue: If you have difficulty performing your daily tasks - even bed-making - because intense fatigue takes hold of you, even after sleeping a good night's sleep, you have difficulty moving as you're so much tired, it is perhaps the symptom of a heart attack. This intense fatigue is often accompanied by insomnia.

Sweating and shortness of breath: Cold sweats, sudden as well as during panic attacks or as during the heat of menopause are a symptom that women often describe after surviving a heart attack. Same thing for shortness of breath in situations where you should not be. These two situations have been reported by almost all survivors who report having experienced these symptoms several weeks earlier. 

Pain in the neck, jaw and shoulders: This pain is the one most misunderstood because heart attacks are associated with chest pain only. Women still feel pain in their jaws, neck, shoulders or even back before they make their heart attack. If you have no reason to have pain in those parts of your body (due to exercise, fall, injury, other illness), it may be an alarm that your body sends you to warn you of the worst!

As I said earlier, 75% of heart attack survivors report having felt these symptoms several weeks before the crisis.

If it is your case (or if you recognize someone having these sudden symptoms), quickly consult a doctor ... you might avoid a heart attack as you have consulted a doctor on time!

Source: Cleveland Clinic · Photo Credit: Fotolia

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