Tips and Tricks : 4 tips to enlarge your shoes too small
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4 tips to enlarge your shoes too small

Do your shoes hurt you? Here are 5 tips for you.

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Sometimes it happens, for many reasons, our feet change and suddenly we can't wear all our favorite shoes anymore.

They make us suffer and we can not wear them for more than an hour. What's the point of wearing them if it's to remove them 1 hour later?

Leave them in the wardrobe with all the other shoes that make hurt us too.

Of course not, there are some tips that allow us to put on our favorite shoes.

Here are 4 tips to enlarge all these shoes too small:

1) The freezer technique:

Pour water in 2 Ziploc bags for freezer and place the bags in the shoes.

Then put the shoes in the freezer for 24 hours and let the ice do the job.

The next day, remove the shoes from the freezer and allow the ice to defrost in the shoes.

Once the ice is melted, remove the water bags from the shoes and wipe the shoes with paper towels.

Your shoes will have enlarged just enough so that you are comfortable wearing them.

2) The socks technique:

Lightly wet the leather of your shoes and put on socks before wearing on your shoes.

Wear them a few hours so that the leather of your shoes have time to stretch a little.

3) The newspaper technique:

Use wet newspaper to stuff your wet shoes as much as possible and let the newspaper stretch the leather for at least 24 hours.

The wet newspaper will have the same effect as you and your socks in shoes, but you will have nothing to do.

The newsprint will do the job for you.

4) The potato technique:

Choose two beautiful big and long potatoes and peel the skin.

Then wrap the potatoes in paper towel before slipping the potatoes into the shoes for 24 hours, as long as the leather of your shoes takes shape.

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