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5 easy tips to maximize space in your wardrobe!

5 easy tips to maximize space in your wardrobe!
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Maximize space in your wardrobe by organizing everything in it.

Because this is the secret of a tidy wardrobe, always put everything in its place!

But for that, you have to be very well organized.

So we must start by clearing!

How to do:

1) Select, give, exchange, throw away anything you have not used for more than a year

2) Use simple tips to store many things on the hangers:

a) Rubber bands to hold clothes that would not fit normally on the hangers. The straps of your tank tops will no longer slip by placing them at the ends of the plastic hangers.

b) Pins of cans to pile hangers up. 2-3 hangers one over the other will take less space than 3 hangers one next to the other on the rod.

3) Use shower curtain rings to hang all your scarves, caps, bras on hangers.

4) Add a chain on an S-hook to the pole of the wardrobe to hang high hangers. Save space in height if you don't have enough width in the wardrobe.

5) Add hooks to screw on a wooden hanger to store all your favorite jewelry! Necklaces and bracelet.

Source: Youtube Nifty · Photo Credit: Capture d'écran youtube

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