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5 mistakes to avoid when charging your phone

5 mistakes to avoid when charging your phone
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A lot of money is spent when we buy a smartphone, so it's important to observe a few rules in order to keep it as long as possible ...

1. Do not let your phone charging all night

Overloading energy could weaken your battery.

2. Avoid constantly charging your battery

Wait until the battery level is low (20-30%) before charging it (do not let it discharge completely). This will also prevent premature wear of the battery.

3. Remove the smartphone case

When your phone is plugged in, remove the case so that your phone is less exposed to heat. When it is charging, the phone's battery heats up more, if it is trapped in an extra case, the heat will be too great.

4. Do not use a cheap charger

Always use the sockets and wires of the manufacturer. The cheap chargers are often less solid and are poor quality. This could cause damage to your phone.

5. Do not use your device while charging

This will further increase the heat of the battery!

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