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5 reasons why your dishwasher doesn't dry anymore!

5 reasons why your dishwasher doesn't dry anymore!
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If you have a bad surprise every time you open the dishwasher, there is surely a reason for this ... If you use good products and your dishwasher is in good condition, there should be no problems.

But sometimes, there are some!

Did you know that old dishwashers dry better than the recent ones? There is a heating element in the bottom of old dishwashers that is no longer in the new ones... The manufacturers have done this so dishwashers consume less energy.

Your bill is less expensive, but you have to dry your plates everytime!

So here are 5 techniques to solve this problem:

Use a powerful rinse aid

The rinse agent forms a barrier against water. It's a bit like adding a wax and the water slips better on the surface of the dishes.

Leave more space between dishes

The air circulates better and the water evaporates more quickly if there is more space.

Use the longest wash cycle

This cycle will use warmer water than a normal wash cycle. Obviously, hot water evaporates better than lukewarm water.

Use the "dry heat" function

Some dishwashers have an option that adds drying time to the cycle. If you have it, do not hesitate to use it!

Open the door after the cycle

Immediately at the end of the cycle, open the door a little. This will help get the moist air out.

If after having tried all this stuff, you always have some dishes wet, take a tea towel! :-P

Source: simplemost · Photo Credit: Fotolia

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