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5 solutions if you are unable to hold your farts in ... even in public!

5 solutions if you are unable to hold your farts in ... even in public!
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Did you know that the human fetches on average 14 times a day? Not all sound and smell gases, but it does a lot in a home or office!

Usually, we can hold it back long enough to isolate ourselves and release the fart in discretion, but sometimes it is impossible. And that's a shame, especially in the workplace. At home, you end up doing it, don't you?!

So, before blaming a loved one, here are 5 reasons that cause these gases, and why some people simply are not able to hold their farts in.

Lactose intolerance. As we age, our body produces fewer enzymes to digest lactose; Result: almost 65% of adults would be lactose intolerant. One of the symptoms of this intolerance is ... intestinal gas. Solution. After identifying if dairy products are truly causing your flatulence, you will be advised to eliminate them from your diet and replace them with lactose-free products.

Change in food. If you follow a new diet, you have made changes in your diet by adding more fruits and vegetables, it is quite possible that you have intestinal gas for some time. Solution. Do not stop eating fruits and vegetables! Fruits and vegetables contain fibers that act on the intestines. Reduce your portions and try to balance the amount consumed and the number of farts released!

Stress. Stress and anxiety cause digestive problems. So, due to the rise in stress hormones in the blood, your stomach is found with a higher acidity level than normally. This acidity can cause farts, and even diarrhea attacks. Solution. Reducing your stress levels becomes your priority! Invasive stress is not good for your entire body: looking to lessen its impact on your life will have beneficial consequences on several aspects, not just on your farts! Talk to a health care professional about proper advice for your situation.

Eating too fast. If you eat very quickly, you swallow at the same time a lot of air, like when you eat in a straw! The ingested air is found directly in your gastrointestinal tract and it must go out ... Solution. Take the time to chew your bites, drop your fork after each bite if necessary, but slow down! By eating more slowly, you will swallow less air and you will have less intestinal gas.

Sodas. If you're a big drinker of sodas or sparkling water, it's a safe bet that you have a flatulence problem. These drinks contain CO2, carbon dioxide, which gets into your stomach and has to come out somewhere! Solution. If you notice that you have gases after drinking a carbonated drink, you will not have the choice but reduce your intake if you want to eliminate the risks of inopportune farts! Drinking slowly helps decrease this symptom.

Source: Thrillist · Photo Credit: Fotolia

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