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5 tips to get a perfectly cleansed glass-ceramic cooktop

 5 tips to get a perfectly cleansed glass-ceramic cooktop
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We sometimes lack time to do a good cleaning! Grease stains and burnt foods become more and more difficult to remove. Discover 5 methods for a glass-ceramic cooktop perfectly cleansed.

The scraper

First, rub the top of the stove with a soft cloth, warm water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Then, using a glass scraper, gently scrape the food. Be very careful with this method.

Source: Clean consistant

Hot towel

Spray your stove with vinegar and sprinkle baking soda over the entire surface. Put a towel soaked in warm water and let it for 15 minutes. Rub the surface with a sponge.

Source: DIY Network

Vinegar and baking soda method

Sprinkle baking soda, then spray with vinegar. Let 15 minutes and then wipe with a damp cloth.

Source: Happy Money Saver

Ammonia and alcohol method

Prepare a mixture with ammonia, one part of ammonia for 10 parts of water with three ounces of rubbing alcool into a spray bottle. Spray onto the glass and let for a few minutes before wiping.

Source: Thrifty Fun

Dish soap method

Source: Happy Mama Tales

Add a few drops of dishwashing liquid, then sprinkle baking soda. Scrub with a moist scouring sponge and wipe with a clean, damp cloth.

Source: Shareably · Photo Credit: Shareably

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