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5 unusual ways to use zip ties

5 unusual ways to use zip ties
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Zip ties are not expensive and there are different colors. Rather than keeping them in the workshop, I suggest five ways to use them to organize your home more easily.

1. To identify wires

With more and more electrical devices, there are many wires on plugs. It can be very useful to know quickly the origin of the connection. Attach zip ties of different colors to your wires to identify them (a zip tie at the base and a zip tie on the plug).


2. To deter thieves at the airport

Tie a zip tie on the zipper of your suitcase. In this way, no one could open it without cutting zip tie. This tends to dissuade thieves because he will leave a visible trace of his misdeed.

3. To secure hubcap

Place zip tie on hubcaps for two reasons. First, it will prevent you from losing one while you are driving and secondly, it will deter thieves from stealing them.

4. To stake plants

If your plant or flower needs support to grow properly, use zip ties. They are more aesthetic and easy to use for gardening.

5. To adjust an electric outlet

If your electrical outlet is a bit loose in the electric box and the lid does not close properly, try adding a zip tie behind the plug of the screw. This will allow you to tighten the screw.

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