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5 very effective ways to stop dust in the long term!

5 very effective ways to stop dust in the long term!
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There are ways to make dust come back less quickly:

1. Carpets

Install thick carpets, made of natural fibers, in your home entrances. The dust will settle there and remain trapped there rather than spreading in the air.

2. Unnecessary objects

Small trinkets, collectibles ... The more you accumulate objects in the house, the more you attract dust. Specialists at an American Element Research Center advise to avoid "dust-catchers".

3. Beds

You may not see it, but there is a lot of dust in the pillows and mattresses! Cover your mattress and pillows with covers and wash them often in very hot water.

4. Filters

Air purifiers are a very effective way to reduce the deposition of dust. Filters suck up dust and it's a lot better in a machine than on your furniture! ;-)

5. Blinds

Choose vinyl, wood or metal blinds instead of cloth. In fact, always try to choose easily washable materials to facilitate dusting.


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