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6 mistakes that most women do with their panties!

6 mistakes that most women do with their panties!
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The choice of your panties is not common: beyond the beauty of the cloth and its practical side, the fabric, size, shape and maintenance have consequences for the women's health.

Here is what Octavia Cannon, an American gynecologist who treats women all day and who closely observes the effects of underwear on their health, advises all women:

Fabric. Even if lace and silk panties with glitter are really beautiful, they are very harmful to your health! Choose cotton: cotton is a natural fiber that breathes and limits the risk of infection. 

Size. Wearing pants that are too tight or just too small is bad for your health. Risks of vaginal infection or severe itching may result from unwanted friction between the pants and your intimate parts.

Thong. Do you wear thongs to panty lines? These are the worst panties for your health! As the panties hold by the buttocks, the friction is constant and bacteria like E. Coli can go from the anus to the vagina very easily. If you can not do without it, do not sleep with a thong, and change underwear regularly if you are exercising or if you notice dirt stains on the bottom of the pants.

Training. If you do exercise and have been sweating, it is essential that you quickly change your underwear. Bacteria multiply in a moist and warm environment and your panty is the ideal nest to allow them to reproduce.

Duration. If you have the bad habit of wearing your underwear more than a day, that's a real problem. Bacteria accumulate and multiply, in addition to the sweat that adds to that of the day before. You run after repetitive infections if you do not change your panties every day. 

Washing. Avoid as much as possible detergents with a perfume, especially if you are already sensitive to fungal infections and itching. Your symptoms may be caused by the presence of irritating scents for your skin.

Source: Seventeen · Photo Credit: Fotolia

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